Go Pitch Yourself, the Program


What's the big deal about being a guest on podcasts? 

Unless you're living under an online rock, you're likely aware that being interviewed on podcasts is one of THE hottest, most talked about marketing strategies around. But did you know the tangible impacts that a 30-45 minute interview can have on your business? 


  • More ideal clients not just being exposed to you, but getting a clear sense of your expertise and personality

  • A recurring and evergreen stream of leads

  • Discovery calls getting booked after just a 30-minute interview

  • Shortened lead time for booking high-end services and products

  • Opportunities to collaborate with other business owners

  • Audience growth for an upcoming launch

  • Are you a podcast host? Guesting on other shows helps grow your own listenership

  • Elevate your status as the go-to expert in your field


Any of these impacts sound like something you might want in your business? 


Then, it's time to #gopitchyourself!

You are invited to join Go Pitch Yourself, a one-stop-shop for learning the strategy AND how-to for effective and efficient podcast pitching.

BONUS, if you're a VA, OBM, or podcast manager who’s looking to elevate your own services, we've got a little something for you, too! Increase the value you bring to the teams you serve, provide a service that can directly grow your client's business, and offer higher-level packages.

What is Go Pitch Yourself? 

Go Pitch Yourself is the first program that teaches both the strategy and implementation of podcast pitching. Truth is, you can’t actually pitch effectively with only one of these pieces so, I’m spilling all the beans on how my team and I work with clients to land them interviews.

Myself and our clients have been featured on shows such as: 

Those are some great images to pop up on a website, right?

Too bad website images don't grow businesses.

Here are results that MATTER!


Oh...what about me?? Do I actually pitch myself? 

I sure do! Recently, I appeared as a guest on Racheal Cook's Promote Yourself to CEO podcast and, within 24 hours of the episode going live, I had a discovery call scheduled with someone who had just learned about me that day. Within two weeks, that person booked and paid for a 1-Day 'Prep My Pitch' Intensive. 

Now you want the details, right? 

You may be wondering how I plan to fit all of the insider secrets that I’ve learned from sending 750+ pitches over the last two years into a program that's actionable and will fit into the nooks and crannies of your business?? Keep reading, my friend. 

Content + Resources

  • Short, actionable modules on the core content pieces will be delivered over 8 weeks, beginning the week of January 13th.

  • Weeks 4 and 8 will be dedicated implementation weeks with live, interactive co-working sessions specifically focused on putting the content into action.

  • Digital templates (documents, workflows, sample pitches) available to help shorten the learning curve.

Community Support + Accountability

  • Facebook community for support and accountability 

  • Establishment of weekly goals with weekly check-ins for accountability

  • Twice/month group Q+As

  • Once/month: Pitch Reviews: Live audit of submitted pitches.

  • Once/month: Connections Swap: I'll share any relevant podcast contacts for the niches you are pitching.

Why enroll during the FOUNDING round??

    • Ability to shape the content and direction of the program by enrolling as a Founding Member
    • Access to the content as long as the program exists

    • Access to the community for at least 3 months

    • Access to the program at the lowest rate it will EVER be offered 

    • INVESTMENT for January 2020 Founding Round: $497 paid in full or an extended monthly payment plan of $267/month

So, are you in??

Are you ready to put your hard-earned expertise to good use? I can't wait to see you in the program. More importantly, though, I can't wait to support you as you take a huge step in your business by deciding you are WORTHY and DESERVE to have your skills, voice, and business seen and heard by so many more people.

Let's do this!!


Sneak Peak of the Core Modules

MODULE ONE: Position | Where else does your ideal client turn for help when they need YOU? Identify the types of complementary business owners that serve them and how you can position yourself as a benefit to their audience.

MODULE TWO: Message | What are the talk topics that you are an expert at delivering? We’ll craft 3-5 topics that attract your ideal client back to you and that are appealing to those complementary business owners. 

MODULE THREE: Research | Identify podcasts hosted by complimentary business owners that accept guest interviews, have an engaged audience, + approach relevant topics with similar energy.


MODULE FOUR: Pitch | Craft a templated pitch email that concisely conveys your expertise, shares a specific talk topic and clearly conveys what the audience will gain from your interview.

MODULE FIVE: Connect | Edit each pitch to clearly convey how your expertise is valuable to that specific audience. Infuse your personality, acknowledge your understanding of their business goals and demonstrate a commitment to partnering. Send the pitch and implement a robust, yet respectful, follow-up system.

MODULE SIX: Amplify | Once the interview goes live, share the episode and leverage this new digital asset to serve both you and the podcast host. If it makes sense, continue the relationship and determine next steps for any mutually beneficial collaborations


BONUS MODULE | Replay of Prepped to Pitch Masterclass with notes and resources (already live)

BONUS MODULE | Pitching Your Clients (for VAs, OBM, and podcast managers)

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